Elementor #5787

Elementor #5787

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5 Best Time Clock Apps For Busy

Date: 06-08-2019

Employee time tracking boils down to three simple things. Who’s there, who’s missing, and who’s late.

Too bad it’s not that simple for managers. 

Everything employees do generates data. And you need that data to help you make decisions. The wrong time clock app means you waste the data you could be gathering. Data that would otherwise help you manage your workforce and reduce labor costs. The thing about time tracking (and the apps that claim to handle it for you) is that too often it’s seen as a stand-alone feature. Track the time. That’s it. There’s no connection to where the generated data should go.

That’s why we’re going to point you to some of the best time clock apps out there. There are a lot of apps to choose from, but not all are a good fit for you. We’ll show you the pros and cons, and you can make the decision yourself.

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